35 Years of Experience

There will never be a technology developed as a substitute for craftsmanship.

We design and deliver the fixture that will solve your process problems in the PCB manufacturing arena.

Let's Get The Job Done


Thank you for delivering the model of the jet engine part in time for our meeting and on such short notice. The model is excellent , up to your usual high standard ….. we have been very satisfied with the previous projects you have made for us , always on time and at reasonable cost.

- Martyn

We at the Product Development Center have depended on Stone Mountain Tool numerous times to deliver complex prototypes and production tooling – We have always received quality performance and guaranteed workmanship.

- John

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the GREAT JOB Stone Mountain Tool has done on our ARTEC project. Your efforts have made a difficult program take a very easy path.

- Barry

Creative Solutions

Our team of experienced designers apply 35 years of knowledge when developing a solution to your specific application. We focus on providing a cost effective, reliable & robust tooling solution.


The design review package we provide includes 2D detailed prints and 3D static model. To aide in ensuring compliance, we also provide a virtual model that allows you to manipulate the models position for all angle inspection.


We manufacture our pallets and tools from the most advanced and proven epoxy or polyester composites. We incorporate the benefits of other materials in our design to effectively address harsh manufacturing environments.