We are designers and builders of engineered solutions.

locationCreating Custom Tools That Exceed ALL Expectations Every Time

Wave solder Pallets, Conformal coating fixtures, Reflow fixtures, and Selective solder fixtures are just a few of the electronic manufacturing products that we specialize in. Stone Mountain Tool stands out as one of the leaders in the industry and With over 35 years in supplying tooling for the electronic manufacturing industry, Stone Mountain Tool has the background and experience needed to provide a solution to most tooling problems.

1984 – Started building wave solder pallets and fixtures using case hardened and sealed Aluminum, Titanium, and G10 type materials.

1990 – First company in the United States to buy Composite Delmat Material in sheet stock for wave solder pallets.

Today we use the very best high temperature ESD safe composites available on the market.

  • Our Mission

    Simply machining a pallet is not our approach. We accurately identify and efficiently solve your PCB Manufacturing Process. We interview and examine your needs, function and process. We design, review and build the most functional, cost effective, appropriate solution.
  • Capability

    Our design procedure provides you with years of experience in solving problems with wave solder and processing printed circuit assemblies. We deliver high value solutions to the rapidly increasing demands of the electronics industry.
  • Ergonomics

    Incorporated into every pallet are operator friendly, advanced engineered hold down components. Ergonomically enhanced assemblies are constructed from durable, light weight materials. Simple design and ease of use improve the interface between man and machine.
  • Materials

    Only advanced, high temperature epoxy and polyester composites which have proven to withstand the rigors of this harsh environment are used in our products.
  • Service and Support

    Our vigorous drive for quality is achieved through an attitude that our service begins when the phone rings and continues throughout the solution of your problem.